Mini Tacos - $7 - Beef or Alpastor
Beef is prime angus seasoned with salt and pepper. 4 mini tacos per order. Onions, cilantro, peppers.
Alpastor - Pork marinated in spices with pineapple juice. Not spicy at all, great flavor! 4 mini tacos per order. Onions,  cilantro, peppers.


Sliders - $7 - Grilled Beef with side of grilled squash

2 Prime Angus beef patties, cheese, tomatoes, onions with side of grilled squash.


Menudo - $7 - (Saturdays and Sundays)
Beef Soup. Broth is started with beef hawk then we add stomach. Roast for 12 hours then add oregano, red peppers, menudo mix, homony (corn), green onions, cilantro and lime wedges


Picadillo - $7 - (Saturdays and Sundays)
Ground Prime Angus beef, potatoes, salt, pepper, cumin and tomatoes

Barbacoba - $7 - Beef or Goat
Sold by the taco or by the pound on Saturdays & Sundays
Slow braised meat cooked till fork tender

Cicharron - $7
Pork skins cooked with tomatoes, salt, pepper, cumin. Cooked till tender. Can be served in tacos or container.

Aguas - $3.50
Mango - $3.50
Horchada - $3.50
Mexican Cokes - $3.50 -
2 liter

Topo Chico
Mineral Water - $2
Flavored Mineral Water - $2
Water - $1